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Genie 2028 Chain or Belt Drive DC opener

The Genie Model 2028 is the epitome of performance, affordability, and dependability, designed to cater to those seeking a robust, silent, resilient, and enduring garage door opener.


Key Features:

  • Equipped with a DC motor featuring Soft Start & Stop control for seamless operation.

  • Backed by an impressive 10-Year Motor Limited Warranty for your peace of mind.

  • Illumination made easy with space for one light bulb; Genie LED light bulbs (up to 60 watts) are recommended for optimal efficiency.

  • Boasts a C-channel rail design that not only enhances strength but also adds an aesthetic touch to your setup.

  • Prioritizes security with Intellicode® technology, effectively thwarting potential code thieves.

  • Seamlessly integrates with HomeLink® and Car2U® systems, eliminating the need for an external repeater box or bridge.


High-Tech Security

Intellicode Security Technology: Ensuring the Safety of Your Home and Loved Ones

Intellicode Security Technology is your home's guardian, continuously enhancing safety by altering the access code with billions of combinations every time a door is activated. This dynamic process effectively safeguards against unauthorized access, providing peace of mind for your family and residence.


Soft Start & Soft Stop

Long Lasting DC Motor

Experience tranquility with the enduring DC motor known for its low noise level.

Smooth Start

Prolong the lifespan of components and minimize upkeep through the smooth start/stop functionality.

Motor Warranty: 10-year limited warranty


HomeLink & Monitoring 

Connect to multiple vehicles

Connect to any vehicle equiped with HomeLink technology.

Smart Monitoring

Ensures your safety by constantly overseeing the functioning of your garage door opener, halting operations and issuing alerts when significant deviations are detected.

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