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LiftMaster 83650 1/2 HP AC - Chain Drive

Upgrade Your Garage with the ½ HP AC Chain Drive Wi-Fi® Opener featuring Integrated Bluetooth Tech:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi® for smartphone control via myQ® app.

  • Industrial-strength chain drive for reliability.

  • Advanced garage tech: better Wi-Fi, enhanced memory for new myQ features.

  • Integrated Bluetooth for quicker setup and connections to myQ app, devices, and smart home solutions.

  • Amazon Key compatible for secure In-Garage Delivery.

  • Real-time myQ Diagnostics and alerts in-app, connect with pros if needed.

LiftMaster 83650-267

Amazon Key

Secure Package Delivery

Enjoy the peace of mind with secure in-garage delivery for your Amazon Prime packages.

Easy Setup

For eligible Prime Members, setting up is a breeze – just link your account to Amazon Key within the myQ app. 


Security+ Peace of Mind

Rest assured, each click transmits a secure code to activate your garage door opener.

Manage Multiple Devices

Take command of up to three garage door openers or myQ lights with ease.

Motor Warranty: Lifetime 

Parts & Chain Warranty: 1 Year


Smart Phone Alerts

Enhanced Security

Rest assured that each click transmits a secure code to your garage door opener, ensuring utmost security.

Seamless Connectivity

Effortlessly connect to your home network through the built-in Wi-Fi® feature.

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